Upcoming Events

Date Name Type
Saturday, Jun 22 2019 NSORRA MSF Dirtbike School Training
Sunday, Jun 23 2019 Hare Scramble #2 - Hiltz Road Race
Sunday, Jun 23 2019 NSORRA MSF Dirtbike School Training
Saturday, Jun 29 2019 NSORRA MSF Dirtbike School - Ages 6-11 Training
Sunday, Jun 30 2019 NSORRA MSF Dirtbike School Training

From the Blog

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Why We Love the Ride

As a kid, seeing my Dad and his friends heading out on their dirt bikes drew me into another world. The bikes rolling. The smell and…

2018 Miller Meadow Hare Scramble

It's close to home for many of us, but don't confuse that with comfortable. The Miller Meadow course was relentless this year.