Upcoming Events

Date Name Type
Saturday, Jul 27 2024 CrossRoads Cycle - NSORRA Hare Scramble 3 - Beaver Ride Park Race
Saturday, Aug 10 2024 Rallye Motoplex - NSORRA Recreational Ride - Debert Recreational Ride
Saturday, Aug 17 2024 Shore Cycle & Marine-NSORRA Hare Scramble 4 - South Alton Race
Sunday, Aug 18 2024 Pro Cycle-NSORRA Women in Moto at Mill Hill ORM Park Women In Moto Clinic
Saturday, Sep 28 2024 AllSteel Coatings-NSORRA Hare Scramble 5 - Craigmore Race

From the Blog

NEW DATE! Pro Cycle-NSORRA Women in Moto 2024

This event is not just about riding—it's about community, empowerment, and a whole lot of fun.

Sportsman now a Competitive Class!

Would you like to race a 1-hour competitive hare scramble? Did you finish out of the points in Intermediate B…


Drive to Ride is NSORRA’s annual membership drive and a chance for us to have fun with all of our members.…

Tips for Off-Road Safety Month

As dirt bike enthusiasts get ready to explore Canada’s vast trails, Moto Canada highlights the importance of…

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

During Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, it's crucial to emphasize the significance…

2024 Soles In Motion–NSORRA Hare Scramble Series

Both hands on your front fender! A pause as anticipation rushes down the start line. Then…the flags wave…