Honda Canada - NSORRA Hare Scramble 1 at South Alton

Weeks of rain didn’t stop 90 competitors from arriving bright and early at South Alton to compete in the season’s first hare scramble, s

New NSORRA Web Site Hints

Hi there, welcome to the new NSORRA web site!  This blog describes some of what you will see here on the site and how to use it.

Marijke Nel’s Conquest for Cancer

As we’re flying down life’s highway, a cancer diagnosis can divert us abruptly from the beautiful freeway onto a dirt trail that we were not planning to take. Every cancer patient embarks on this trail.

Why We Love the Ride

As a kid, seeing my Dad and his friends heading out on their dirt bikes drew me into another world. The bikes rolling. The smell and sound of those old 2-strokes leaving my sight, heading out into the world.

2018 Miller Meadow Hare Scramble

It's close to home for many of us, but don't confuse that with comfortable. The Miller Meadow course was relentless this year.

2018 NSORRA Hare Scramble winners announced

Shubenacadie, Falmouth, Halifax, Nine Mile River, Lower Sackville and Canaan. What do these Nova Scotia locations all have in common? They’re homes to the 2018 NSORRA Hare Scramble Point Championship winners!

2018 South Alton Hare Scramble

The 2018 Hare Scramble in South Alton was an amazing way to end the season. Riders lined up on a gorgeous day to push themselves on a well known track that got a few new twists and turns for 2018's event.

2018 Mill Hill Hare Scramble

This race featured an amazing course by our trail crew, and we couldn't have ordered better weather.